[ BLOCKCAMP ] Newkix 的嬰兒鞋巨星

[ BLOCKCAMP ] Newkix 的嬰兒鞋巨星, Korean, 母嬰與玩具 , BLOCKCAMP, 13, 最佳的選擇為您的小寶貝, , koreanmall


  • 最佳的選擇為您的小寶貝

  • lovely baby shoes - acts as socks and shoes at the same time. -  made out of teething tot material and totally none harmful for baby. 105-145 mm size/ 20 designs. shoes are soft like marshmalow and made with TPE ( infant teether material) which is harmless.anti-bacterial&deodorizing. inside made with virgin form is superior in deodorizing.28g ultra light weight along with convenient . Easy wash and easy to put on. act as socks and shoes at the same time.


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    [ BLOCKCAMP ] Newkix 的嬰兒鞋巨星

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